Summer Learning

News From the Book Nook

Sprng into Summer

On May 25th we offered a Spring Into Summer event at the MIW Library with ideas and resources to keep students learning throughout the summer.  

Here are some ideas we shared:

Fun game ideas- Bananagrams, Scrabble, Boggle, Appleletters, and Pairs in Pears

Summer Writing Journals- Here are some writing prompts that might spark an idea for each type of writing:

Narrative Writing
  • A special person, place, or object
  • A time you did something
  • Something that gives you a strong feeling /emotion

Opinion Writing
  • A book review
  • A persuasive letter (ex.: Dear Mom and Dad, I think we should go to Funtown. Here are my reasons why…)

Informational Writing
  • A how-to book (ex: how to ride a bike)
  • An all about Book (ex: All About Whales)
  • Research a topic, write about it

  • Write poetry
  • Create a comic strip or book

A list of leveled book suggestions, Reading Tips for each grade level, ipad app suggestions and more are available to the left on our side bar.

Enjoy your summer and be sure to read lots of books!
Teresa & Alyssa

Talking With Your Child About Books

Here are some prompts to help you as you chat with your child about books:

  1. Start the book by making predictions. What do you think will happen in this story?
  2. Ask questions and make comments during the reading process.
  3. After reading a book, have your child tell you the events from the story in the correct order.
  4. What was the problem in this story?
  5. How did the character feel when…?
  6. Encourage your child to make connections. Does this story remind you of another book you read, an event in your life, a movie?

~Prompts from a bookmark created by Valerie Young