Keep Learning Going All Summer Long

Research confirms that readers make significant progress when they are reading lots of “just right” books. Here are some resources we've gathered aimed at stopping the “summer slide”. We are hoping this will allow students to begin a new school year with confidence.

Leveled Book List

Reading Tips for Kindergarten

Reading Tips for First Graders

Reading Tips for Second Graders

Reading Tips for Third Graders

Literacy Apps and Websites

Spring Into Summer Night

One June 2, We hosted a "Spring Into Summer Night" and shared ideas with parents on ways to keep learning going all summer long. Please see the above post for links that were shared with families.

Make your own journal station

Literacy Games

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New Book Suggestions

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Poetry Month at MIW

MIW was a fun place to be during Poetry Month! Teachers and students read poetry during our lunch “Poetry Jam”. Third grade students recited poems each Wednesday during the morning announcements. Many poems were displayed throughout the building for staff and students to enjoy. Thursday, April 30 was “Keep a Poem in Your Pocket Day”. Teachers and students chose poems to keep in their pockets to share with others throughout the day. Lots of poetry reading, writing, and celebrating happened in the month of April.
From the book Dear Hot Dog by Mordicai Gerstein